White Beaches of Vada, Surf, WindSurf, KiteSurf in Tuscany

The coast of Rosignano Solvay is characterized by wide shores with modern beach resorts. Set along the coast between Rosignano Solvay and Vada, the so-called “White Sands” (“spiagge bianche”) are particularly known. There you could find a very white strip, about 4 km in length. In the “Lillatro” beach resort, you may partake in sailing, windsurfing or kitesurfing lessons or many others activities, organized by “WindSurf Gorette Club”.

Distance: 5 minutes drive

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Coastline of Vada

When we talk about the coastline of Vada, in reality we mean the part of the coast which runs from the Lillatro to the beach at the centre of Vada. Here surfers of all levels can find the right conditions to go out and enjoy themselves, whatever the sea weather conditions. Throughout the year the atmospheric disturbance brings surfing winds to this area. When the weather gets better and the temperature starts to rise, the Maestrale (north-westerly wind) thermals come into action.With the easterly winds there aren’t any waves and it’s possible to weave in and out safely without distancing from the coast. Instead with the strong Libeccio (south westerly) and Ponente (westerly) winds – Vada is double-faced: the most northern spot (Lillatro and Spiaggia Bianca) are for experts who want to ride the big waves.

Near the shore at Pietrabianca (where there is a windsurfing school and Surf Rosa del Tirreno) there are fewer waves and you can gain confidence on the wave and its movements. The further out you go the bigger the waves become. Finally the most southern spot (Vada centre) there are medium size waves. The Scirocco (south easterly wind) is to be felt in nearly all the spots of the area. It can be strong and create medium size waves, above all near the shallow parts. With the Maestrale (north westerly wind) there are less risks apart from touching the seabed with longer flippers, especially at Lillatro and Pietrabanca. The “Blue Flag” of the tourist landings place is assigned for quality, services and measures of emergency; the beaches of Castiglioncello and Vada they have succeeded to obtain it also this year.