Cavallino Matto, Acqua Village Cecina & other parks

Cavallino Matto

Distance: 28 Km

Agriturismo Residence Cavallino Matto

The Cavallino Matto (the crazy horse) is the biggest fun park in Tuscany. It’s situated in the pinewoods which line the beaches of the Tyrrhenian sea at Marina di Donoratico (in the province of Livorno). It is usually open from March to October. Inside the park there are a large number of attractions of which a boat trip equipped with water cannons called “La Baia dei Bucanieri”, a 3D cinema, a wild mouse, a trip on wooden logs, all capable of satisfying the family on holiday along the Tuscany coast and for those who want to spend an afternoon of amusement and enjoyment. There is also a restaurant, bar, self service, pizza restaurant and picnic areas.

Acqua Village

Distance: 12 Km

Agriturismo Residence Acqua Village Cecina

Acqua Village Cecina is a water fun park situated in Cecina, open every day from June until September, from 10 am until 6 pm. The parks main attractions are the slides: the Kamikaze, the Twister, the Anaconda and the Surfing Hill. There are also trampolines, a football soap pitch, a human football table pitch. To complete all of this the swimming pool with waves, where you can practice water gym, the Laguna relax and a large hydro-massage bath. There are many green areas: used for sunbathing; thanks to the garden umbrellas and wooden pagodas it’s possible to enjoy comfortable relaxing moments in the shade.

Oasi di Santa Luce

Distance: 14 Km

Agriturismo Residence Oasi Santa Luce

Santa Luce Lipu Oasis has got over 150 species on its grounds. In Winter the oasis is populated by multicolored ducks like the Great Bittern, the Green winged Teal, the Mallard and the Eurasian Wigeon, while the cormorants make a show posing on the tree branches with their wings spread wide to take in the warmth of the sun. There are also many migratory birds, especially herons such as the Black Crowned Night heron, the Little Egret, the Little Bittern and the Red Heron who pass by here on their long journey to rest on the lake’s shores. In an ecosystem like that of the lake is home to an enormous collection of life and biological diversity like the elegant dragonflies, colorful butterflies and great night sphinxes. All of this can be seen up close at the oasis thanks to the many trails in place. For children there are educational possiblities for learing about plants.

Parchi Val di Cornia

Distance: 60 Km

Agriturismov Residence Parchi Val Cornia

The Parks of the Val di Cornia tell a thousand-year-old story which begins with the Etruscan people and bears witness to centuries of extraction and working on metals, proposing also splendid natural, coastal and hilly environments. The system includes 2 Archaeological Parks, Natural Parks, 1 Museum, 1 Documentation Centre, included in the area of the five municipalities at the extreme south of the province of Livorno, opposite the Island of Elba.

Parco Gallorose

Distance: 16 km

Agriturismo Residence Parco Gallorose

The Gallorose Park, opened in June 2001, then was modified and enlarged during 2006. it has become a wildlife centre, but still remains a farming business in every way with the breeding of exotic animals and the farm with a large interest in the development of the Tuscany autochthonous species with 3,4 kilometres of routes equipped and signposted – you can see, listen and observe the behaviour of more than 180 animal species: the plant life of the park (14,000 plant species)? Is varied: many species are Mediterranean and many from other geographical areas. Characteristic with old farming machinery with which they carry out various farm jobs. This old machinery can be seen moving round the roads of the farming business. In the refreshment area truly particular and traditional dishes of this area are served, all prepared by the owner of the farm business.

Parco della Maremma

Distance: 125 km

Agriturismo Residence Parco Naturale Maremma

The coastal stretch of Maremma Toscana going from Principina a Mare to Talamone and limited partly in the east by via Aurelia, has become since 1975 Parco Naturale della Maremma. It extends for about 100 square kilometers – except for the outside stretch – and borders in the south and S/W with the sea, facing it in the southern part with a high coast subject to erosion. This kind of coast is followed in the north by beaches where the vegetal covering consists of several pioneer species which can adapt to the difficult sandy and brackish environment and which are replaced by typical species of the Mediterranean maquis as you leave from the shoreline.


Distance: 51 km

Agriturismo Residence Baratti Populonia

Stretching over 80 hectares between the slopes of the promontory of Piombino and the Gulf of Baratti, it is presented as a real open-air museum, glittering with ferrous slag which show the impressiveness of the industrial Etruscan village. The Park includes a significant part of the ancient town of Populonia, a unique Etruscan settlement built directly on the sea, with its necropolises, the calcarenite quarries and the industrial working quarters for iron coming from the hematite deposits on the Island of Elba. The park is spread over various areas of visit which enable the visitor to appreciate the transformation of the scenery over the centuries.

Acquario di Livorno

Distance: 50 Km

Agriturismo Residence Acquario Livorno

L’Acquario di Livorno: un viaggio tra la natura e la storia, la mitologia e l’arte. All’Acquario di Livorno potrai immergerti in un mondo dove ogni esperienza di apprendimento è possibile: un affascinante percorso integrato, in perfetto stile edutainment, che unisce la visita alle vasche espositive con la mostra “Kosmos: il cielo e le stelle dell’antichità a Galileo” ideata dal Museo Galileo – Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze (a cura di Giovanni Di Pasquale) e allestita al primo piano della struttura. La natura del Mediterraneo, i tesori Archeologici del Mare Nostrum. I capolavori dell’arte, le scoperte scientifiche delle culture che sulle sue sponde hanno scritto la Storia.

Oasi di Bolgheri

Distance: 30 km

Agriturismo Residence Oasi Bolgheri

This park is situated between the Tuscany coastline and the railway track. It still maintains the same typical aspect of the Maremma and is made up of wooded hedges, meadows and woods which are flooded during the winter period, and ponds. The coastal woodland area divides the ponds from the wild sea shore where flowers such as the Giglio di mare (sea lily) and the Rucchetta della sabbie (sand rocket) still grow. The oasis can boat the acknowledgement “Zona Ramsar”, a very damp area which is perfect for water birds who throughout the winter and during the spring migration period stay here. As well as a large quantity of bird species the park also offers home to many mammals of which we can find wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer and porcupines; amongst the mammals to be noted is the marsh tortoise.

Parco di Rimigliano

Distance: 44 km

Agriturismo Residence Rimigliano

A strip of luxuriant green landscape, overlooking the sea, where the Mediterranean vegetation is particularly varied in constituent species, form and colour. The park extends over beaches and dunes where the bush has been shaped by sea breezes, and on to the shady forest dominated by holm oak and by maritime pine with their characteristic parasol-shaped tops. The Coastal Park of Rimigliano occupies the most southerly part of the Livorno Municipality territory of San Vincenzo, on the border with the Municipalities of Piombino and Campiglia Marittima. It covers around 650 hectares between the sea and the Rome-Genoa railway line, and is spilt lengthways from north-west to south-east by the provincial road the Principessa (SP 23), connecting San Vincenzo to Piombino. The road divides the park into 2 areas: on one part (sea side) the wooded coastal strip with its system of dunes and the beach, on the other more extended section of the park, including the farming areas, the former lake area of Rimigliano, the varied wood with prevalently oak species which replaces the preceding pines.

Miniera del Temperino

Distance: 45 km

Agriturismo Residence Miniera Temperino

The visit to the Temperino Mine starts at its Museum, an area set up with illustrative panels showing the development of mining techniques in the Campiglia area. The Mine Tunnel is an evocative 360 metre underground walk revealing excavations and other evidence of mining activities from Etruscan times as well as from the modern era. The nineteenth century Temperino mine contains archaeological and mineralogical evidence offering a complete picture of how techniques for the extraction of copper, lead and silver ores evolved. Equipped with helmets and coloured waterproofs, once inside the mine the visitors discover a broad range of rocks and minerals from the metalliferous reserves of the Campigliese and the traces of the work of the miners, a memory of the fatigue and harshness of a profession which has now almost disappeared.